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  • The 4th Award Ceremony of the Japan Open Innovation Awards was held.

Making Startup Ecosystem in Japan

Startups are key players in the transformation of society and solving social issues by innovation. The “Startup city project” is aiming to make an energetic Startup ecosystem in Japan.
The Japanese government has selected eight Startup Cities and is providing intensive support for the ecosystem building by cooperation with local governments, universities, and the private sector.

Strategies for creation of startup ecosystem to compete with the world top ecosystems

Startup Cities

01Global Startup Cities

02Startup Cities [PDF]

Open Innovation

Acceleration Program 2021

Japan Open Innovation Prize

In order to further promote open innovation in Japan, we have decided to praise the highly original and leading efforts expected as a role model in the future as the "Japan Open Innovation Award". In this award, the ministerial award, the minister's award, the economic organization, the president's award of academic organizations, etc. for each field of responsibility, etc. In addition to commending, the best of each award will be commended as the Prime Minister's Award.

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